Composition: High performance hypoallergenic 100% PES micro-fibers.

Our pads are made up of millions of micro-fibers 100 times finer than a human hair, which allow deep cleaning of pores, without make-up removers and above all without rubbing: 7 times more absorbent than conventional fibres, they act as a magnet on make-up particles and impurities present on the skin. No more makeup removal chores!

Dimensions: 12 cm in diameter, 1.5 cm thick.

Their round shape and size, ideal for a good grip, allows them to cover a large surface of skin, and to remove a greater quantity of make-up while limiting micro-abrasions and irritation.

Lifespan: 900 uses or up to 2 years.

Thanks to our Nadéa Pads, you save an average of 1,500 cotton pads and disposable wipes each year, and your beauty routine becomes kinder to the planet too!

Care: Machine wash at 60 degrees.

Weight: 11g

Delivery: Delivery in 48 hours and Free Shipping (Limited Offer ! )